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Promoting Rewards Points to Realtors


Take the monthly promo for realtors and up the game with a design that was fun and fresh and an approach that was more tangible than just an email


Overall feedback from the sales reps was very positive. They said the assets looked light and springy while still maintaining a Super feel. Most importantly, it resonated with the realtors they spoke to and made Super’s Service Rewards a talking point for future meetings


Super had monthly promos before this one, but never a printable flyer. Sales reps had been asking for something that they could take with them to realtor's offices. Something tangible that realtors could hold and feel. We decided on this flyer as a supplement to the email we sent for previous promos.

The printable (and email) would promote Super’s March promo (spring cleaning), with a focus on the Service Rewards USP

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Gathering the elements

Because this was a printable with a fairly straightforward goal, I began by gathering all the elements that I thought needed to go in the flyer to meet the goal: promo amount, code and dates as well as a description of why Service Rewards made Super special. Also, a nice-to-have was a testimonial to really push that Super makes happy clients.

Blockframe and Rough Copy

After deciding on the content blocks (promo info, USP info, testimonial), I was able to organize the information and determine the visual story. From there, I moved elements around into a blockframe, and having an idea of how much space there was for copy, wrote fitting copy for the allotted space.

First Round

Copy written and blockframe made, I began to add playful visual elements: a yellow-to-green gradient to give the impression of sunshine falling on grass; a spray bottle (created by an external team) to amplify the cleaning messaging and add more visual interest to the layout; an avatar (also generated by an external team) to humanize the testimonial without using an unauthorized customer image. I also tightened the copy quite a bit in this phase.

Iterations and Final Touches

Both the CMO and the lead designer gave feedback on the copy and design, respectively. Taking their feedback into account, I made a couple of tweaks to the design and copy like adding a drop shadow to the right box and playing with the last line in the USP copy. I also decided to turn this from a one-sided to a two-sided flyer to make it feel more springy and increase the amount of branding on the asset.


The biggest challenge with this project was the different types of information and amount of information we needed to convey in a small amount of space. By clearly defining the benefit to a realtor and creating a clear visual story, I was able to determine the best organization of the information. After that came the fun part — adding all the spring-themed design flair!

Bonus: Email

I sent this companion email to realtors in Super's network. The flyer was something that Sales reps could use as an excuse to go into realtor offices, but the email was the bread and butter of the promotion. No reason to kill it off just because we had flyers too.

Feedback and Future Flyers

Our Sales reps loved the look-and-feel of the flyer but wished it had more of their personal information on it (something that's common in the realtor space). I adapted the front side of the template on future flyers to have the picture and contact info of each Sales rep.

Key lesson

Just have fun with it!