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A few selected emails and social media posts from Sherlock


Email (YoY)
Open rate increased from 7.7% to 34% on average
CTR increased from 1% to 2.9% on average
List grew 4x (thanks to some clever influencer partnerships I made)

We're still trying to figure it out. Although I've had some wins on Product Hunt, Sherlock's social engagement remains pretty constanst

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Selected Emails
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E-book Supplement email: Product Qualified LeadsOpen rate: 34.1%
CTR: 5.1%

This email, which went out as a follow up to our e-book on product qualified leads, enticed people with a worksheet they could use to define their Activation steps. It's a concept users expressed trouble grokking and one that lended itself perfectly to a worksheet.

Blog post email: A story in bad stock imagesOpen rate: 26.4%
CTR: 3.3%

This email, which matches the format of other blog emails, was for our humor piece, Meet SaaS Salesman Pete: A Story in Bad Stock images.

People must have needed a laugh because the CTR was 0.6% higher than our next best blog post email.

Product Launch email: Sherlock StoriesOpen rate: 28.6%
CTR: 3.9%

This one was to announce the launch of Sherlock Stories on Product Hunt. Pretty self-explanatory. Read more about the feature launch and Product Hunt lessons in the case study.

Selected Social Posts

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